Member Opportunities

So Many Opportunities To Get Involved!

The committees listed below are available to most Marketing Association students.  With these committees you will get real world experience planning, organizing and executing different marketing skill-sets. If you want to get involved please click the button below to send an email. 



Join one of our many committees to get involved in our club and have experience to put on your resume.

DIGITAL MARKETING AGENCY: We are in the process of launching a digital marketing agency that is run by CSU students. The agency will offer website design, graphic design, social media management & digital marketing services and students will be paid for their time. Anyone can get involved and participants will be fully trained. This is a great opportunity to get some real world experience and some nice examples for your resume. 

EVENTS COMMITTEE: The events committee will be in charge of Campus events and Social Events. The Campus Events will be a great opportunity for any students who want to learn about event planning and how to throw events. We want to have three major events that the Marketing Association puts on each year.  We have no events planned yet but we are thinking something along the lines of a “Taste of CSU” event, a major Halloween event, and something in the Spring. Have a great idea for this? Then join this committee! For SOCIAL EVENTS, we have a bunch of social events that we want to throw and we need some members to help us organize all these events. We are going to be doing at least one social event per month and need some help planning those.  We will also have multiple sub-committees where different students can help plan different events. One committee will be the tailgate committee and we want that committee to create the largest on-campus tailgate party for students. We also want to do something big for the Spring semester and are looking for ideas for that.

GRAPHIC DESIGN: We need 1 or 2 graphic designers to help us put some flyers together. We will have some very cool stuff for you to do for us that will look great in your resume. We will also be making business cards and other graphics for local businesses in order to fund-raise.  This will also look really good in your portfolio. No experience is necessary.

FINANCE COMMITTEE: This committee will work with the Marketing Association Finance Director to seek out and acquire funds for various events. You will work hand in hand with the other committees to help them come up with some money. There are also 3 or 4 grants which you will be in charge of applying for.

LOCAL BUSINESS OUTREACH:  This is going to be a great way to network with local businesses.  We need a few students to do some outreach with local business and see if they want to give a talk to students, do a workshop for students, give a guest lecture for students, get some help from students for their business, or just be associated with us somehow. You will need to maintain a database of all contacts and help to schedule businesses that do get involved.  You will also be responsible for sending a follow up thank you correspondence. You will be the main contact between many different Fort Collins businesses and the marketing association so you must have good communications skills.

WORKSHOP COMMITTEE: This committee will be in charge of coming up with some workshops for marketing association members to take part in.  Some ideas we have are workshops that teach Photoshop, Video editing, sound editing, a day where we get a professional photographer to come in a take original, high quality Linked-In photos, etc.