CSU Marketing Association Sponsors

We want to thank all of the sponsors of the CSU Marketing Association. Without sponsors we would be very limited in what we can do. 


jax mercantile

We first wanted to thank JAX Fort Collins Outdoor Gear.   

When we approached a few outdoor stores in Fort Collins about sponsoring us, the only store that would even talk to us was JAX.  The corporate stores that funnel profits out of Fort Collins all had policies that prohibited contributing to anything local. 

jax storefront 2

And that says a lot about JAX as a local community oriented FOCO Outdoor store. You can feel the difference when you shop here because it is local Fort Collins experts giving advice about products that have been specifically picked for  Fort Collins activities and Fort Collins residents. 

The JAX store is huge and they have everything you could imagine. 


JAX location

And it is the closest major sporting good store to CSU. 

They are located at:

1200 N College Ave, Fort Collins, CO 80524. 

This is only about 7 minutes from campus.

When you are deciding on where to buy your sporting goods please remember to shop local and Visit JAX Outdoor store.


Jim’s Wings

jims wings

Every CSU students knows that if you are craving chicken wings, then Jim’s Wings is the place to go. Their chicken wings are the best in town and are offered at a great price. Their sauces have the standard Mild, Medium, Hot , X-hot and then go all the way to Wayhot and RamHot. They also have B-B-Q, Honey B-B-Q, Teriyaki & Yakitori. Each month they offer a brand new sauce of the month to keeps things fresh for their regular customers.

jims wings Fort CollinsBesides Wings they also offer a bunch of other fried delicacies and “Things on Buns.” They also have great beer selection and offer a ton of specials. 

Their beer selection includes bottled beers and local craft breweries all on tap.  Ask them about their daily special where you can get 25 wings, fries and a pitcher of Microbrew for only 25.95 or 21.95 if domestic is your thing.

Jims wings mapThey are located just to the West of Campus  at 1205 W Elizabeth St # C, Fort Collins, CO 80521. 

This is a walk across the street from the west side of campus or 5 minutes from the Rockwell Hall (the business building).





Krazy Karl’s Pizza is the busiest pizza place in Fort Collins and there is a reason for it. The have the very rare combination of awesome pizza and even better prices. Since they opened near the University they kept their prices low to cater to students but they never sacrificed quality of ingredients and their pizza is one of the best in town. Just remember to order early if you are getting takeout as this place is not a well kept secret. We recommend an hour ahead of time on the weekends.

Besides pizza Krazy Karl’s also has some really good wings that are usually pretty big and a bunch of different and original sauces to choose from. Honestly, eveything on their menu is really good and they have a lot of unique choices. You can check out there menu here: 

Lastly, we couldn’t talk about Krazy Karl’s Pizza without talking about their bar.  They have an awesome beer selection and are very generous with their beers.  Some Friday’s they offer 32 ounce Fat Tires for $4,00. You can’t beat that, especially on a student’s budget

They are also located just to the west of campus and are about a mile walk from the CSU Business building. 

A great place to hear about their specials that we love so much is on their Facebook page:  https://www.facebook.com/Focosbest/

Mo Jeaux’s Bar & Grill

Time to get personal.  I lived in New Orleans for 10 years. I ate New Orleans Food for 10 years. My favorite cultural food is Cajun.

Mo Jeaux’s is as good or better than any Cajun restaurant I have been to in New Orleans.  The cooking is authentic. You can literally watch them slow cook their meats right on the grill using mesquite, pecan & oak wood which gives their meat its distinctive flavor.

bbq wings meaux jeaus

Their menu includes Cajun Entrees & Po Boys, Slow Smoked BBQ, flame grilled burgers and their smoked then fried wings.  I had the BBQ wings and they were probably the best BBQ wings I ever had.

Mo Jeaux’s also has 15 beers on tap and over 14 HD Tv’s. They are a great place to watch NFL games and they even have an 8.99 all you can eat brunch special.  They have pool tables, generous drink specials and a huge patio with views of the mountains so there is always something to do at Mo Jeaux’s.

Mo Jeaux’s is located at 820 City Park Ave, Fort Collins, CO 80521.

This is also on the west side of campus and about 1 mile from the business building. 

For more information you can visit their website here:  http://www.mojeauxsfortcollins.com

Or check them out on Facebook here:  https://www.facebook.com/Mo-Jeauxs-Bar-Grill-122715541125059/