How To Vote If You Are A CSU Student

Do you want to do you civic duty and vote but don’t know how? Well don’t worry, we gathered all the information you’ll need to be able to vote in the next election! According to the Fort Collins City Clerk website, in order to vote, you need to be: A United States citizen At least […]

Introducing The New CSU Marketing Association!

Okay Rams… You asked for it, and we listened.  We have spent this entire semester doing a complete re-haul and re-branding of the CSU Marketing Association. Our goal throughout this process was to create the foundations to be the biggest and the best organization on campus. And more importantly… we wanted the Marketing Association to […]

New Committees That You Can Be A Part Of

As part of our Re-branding effort for the Marketing Association you will now have the opportunity to be part of one of many committees.  These committees were designed to make the Marketing Association more fun and to give students the opportunity to get real world experience.  Check out some of the committees below and stay […]

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Hey Rams! We have been working very hard to re-brand the marketing association to make it something that will be very useful to your career. We also  have tried to set it up so that it will be a lot of fun and to be something that everyone will want to be part of. Since we […]