If you are having a hard time thinking of fun and creative things to do on your next date, we have the perfect day planned out for you! This is perfect for a romantic partner or a friend date! We hope you enjoy!



*Pro tip before the start of the date!

Pack a lunch to bring up to Horsetooth for you and your date. Not only does this save money, but it is fun and will show your date that you put thought and effort into the day! 

11:00: Horsetooth Rock 

Address: Horsetooth Rock Trail, Loveland, CO 80538

Start out your day at one of the most scenic places in Fort Collins, Horsetooth Rock. Horstooth Rock offers stunning trails and perfect trails, this hike is bound to be amazing! Not only is this a great way to get some some exercise in, but it is also free of charge! You might even see some wildlife along the way. If you have energy left after hiking Horsetooth Rock we recommend hiking to Horsetooth Falls, which has a beautiful waterfall at many times of the year!  


2:00: Paddle-boarding at the Santanka Cove

Address: Santanka Cove At Horsetooth, Fort Collins, CO 80526

After your like, it’s time to cool off with some paddle-boarding! Paddle-boarding is a fun andrelaxing activity, and is a great way to catch your breath while still having fun. The other benefit of paddle-boarding is that you can get into the water as much or as little at you want! If you don’t have a paddle-board of your own, you can rent one right at Horsetooth Reservoir. You can rent stand-up paddle-boards at Mountain’ Sup. Mountain’ Sup is located on the north shore of Horsetooth Reservoir at a place called Santanka Cove. Mountain’ Sup also offers kayak rentals if you or your date prefer kayaking over paddle-boarding!  

7:00: Dinner at Simply Thai

Simply Thai is the perfect restaurant for date night. It offers great food, friendly service, in a fun yet laid-back setting. There is a huge variety of options that offer huge portions at a reasonable price! If you like Boba Tea, they have 10 different flavors to chose from and are known for having the best Boba Tea in town. 

What to order: Start off with the Crab Delight, then split a generous portion of Chicken Pad Thai. Compliment your dinner with strawberry or mango Boba Tea! 


8:30: Dessert At Walrus Ice-Cream

Address: 125 W. Mountain Avenue, Fort Collins, CO 80524

Once you have finished eating dinner, grab dessert at Walrus Ice Cream! Walrus Ice Cream is 100% natural and locally owned. They offer a wide variety of ice cream flavors as well as other sweet treats. Walrus Ice Cream has tables inside and outside if you want to stay there and sit down while enjoying  your ice cream! 

What to order: If you are having a hard time deciding which flavor to chose, we recommend the raspberry chip ice cream or the cappuccino chip! Walrus Ice Cream will always leave you wanting more!


9:00: Stargazing at City Park

Address: City Park, Fort Collins, CO  80521


To end your perfect date day we recommend taking your date to City Park for some stargazing! Bring a blanket so that youand your date have a surface to lay on other than the grass. City Park is large and spread out, so you can be sure to find a private place perfect to looking at the stars. Not only is this relaxing and free, it is also a very romantic way to end the date. If you haven’t been able to get that first kiss yet, this might be the perfect place to plant one on them! 


We hope you enjoy this perfect date day in beautiful Fort Collins!