Take the ultimate weekend trip to Crested Butte, Colorado.

If you’ve been to Crested Butte, you know its appeal. If you’re from Crested Butte, you’re fiercely loyal to it. If you have never been to Crested Butte. you’re probably now wondering – wait, what’s the big deal?

This town is known as the “Last Great Colorado Ski Town”, the “Home of Mountain Biking”, and many other wonderful names. It is nestled deep in the mountains, filled with genuine friendly locals, and still holds the flair of a mountain town without succumbing to a touristy, fake feel.  This is the perfect getaway for CSU students looking to get away from the hustle and bustle in an authentic way. If you’re excited now, but have no idea how to begin planning a trip to Crested Butte, rest assured – we’ve compiled the best of the Butte right here for you to enjoy!

Things to Do in Crested Butte

Mountain Biking:

401 Trail. (Image retrieved from the Gunnison-Crested Butte Tourism Association)

Experience world class mountain biking on the trails that founded the sport itself. Mesmerizing aspen trees, wild flowers, and classic Colorado high mountain views that never seem to end.

Beginner- Wagon Trail (Great scenic trail for bikers looking for an easy going ride. Located just west of Crested Butte.)

Intermediate- Lupine Trail (Known for its gorgeous landscape views, and moderate level. Located just north of town.)

Advanced- 401 Trail (This nationally recognized trail will push you to your limits, but you’re rewarded with arguably the best views in and around Crested Butte. Located north of town.)



Crested Butte to Aspen Trail. (Image retrieved from Travel Crested Butte.)

Colorado terrain hardly looks so good as in the trails surrounding Crested Butte. These trails will guarantee to impress no matter your skill level.

Beginner- Judd Falls (This is a great trail for spring time when the falls are roaring. Located just north of Crested Butte.)

Intermediate- Red Lady via Scarp Ridge (This trail offers some of the best 360 degree views around the area, and is great for those who are looking for something more than a walk in the park.)

Advanced- Aspen to Crested Butte (This is one of the most iconic trails in Colorado, and will push you to your limits, however you’re rewarded with arguably the best views in Colorado. You can take it either way, and the Nordic Inn can help you coordinate the trip.)

Best Places to Stay in Crested Butte

Cement Creek Campground:

This campground is a beautiful location close to Crested Butte. At this campground you will have access to hiking, fishing, mountain biking, and ATV and motorcycle riding. The area is in a narrow valley with a lot of aspen trees surrounding. There are 13 campsites with no reservations required! A stay here will only cost you $14 a night per site.

Nordic Inn:

Image retrieved from Nordic Inn website


The Nordic Inn is the set right at the foot of the Rocky Mountains which means it is closest to some of the best sites and trails in the United States. They have a bus that runs frequently so getting into town or up on the mountains couldn’t be easier. This will definitely be your more expensive options as the rates for the room range from $259-$329. If you really feel like going all out you can get the Nordic Mountain Chalet for $500 a night.

Crested Butte Lodge and Hostel

This lodge and hostel in Crested Butte is going to be your first choice if you are looking to save some money. They offer a variety of room styles that are suitable for every type of traveler. These rooms will sleep 1-6 people and dogs are welcome for only $30 extra! Check out their awesome video – and see a little bit of Crested Butte for yourself – below:

Best Places to Eat in Crested Butte

The Last Steep Bar & Grill:

Image retrieved from The Last Steep website

The Last Steep Bar & Grill is owned by two brothers. Located right in downtown, it has been voted Best Bloody Mary by locals and the Crested Butte News. They offer an outdoor patio, as well as a Build-Your-Own Bloody Bar every Saturday and Sunday from 11am-4pm, and a typical meal will cost you less than $15!


Image retrieved from the Ginger Cafe Facebook page

Ginger Cafe: 

If you’re looking for a change of pace from the traditional ‘American’ meals, look no further. A surprising addition to the Crested Butte meal scene, the Ginger Cafe boasts delicious Indian and Thai cuisine that will appeal to all sorts of taste buds, from the spicy to the mild. They also offer vegetarian and gluten free options, so those with food restrictions need not worry. The average entree will cost you around $15-$20, and they also have delicious appetizers, sides, and teas if you’re looking for something on the lighter side!

The Secret Stash:

The Secret Stash has been voted the best pizza and wings every year since opening in 2002. If you’re lucky, you can even learn how to make your own pizza, from tossing the dough like a real professional until the last delicious bite. You can even enjoy a game of pool after your meal. The Secret Stash is definitely a must-visit restaurant while exploring this town!

Image retrieved from the Secret Stash Facebook page

Best Places to Go Out in Crested Butte


Talk of the Town:

Image retrieved from the Talk of the Town Facebook page

Talk of the Town is known for their friendly owners and staff, as well as for their quick service.  They feature karaoke, specials during sports games, and occasional fundraisers to help members of their community!


Bonez is a tequila bar and grill. They offer many Mexican dishes including various enchiladas, quesadillas, and empanadas. Happy hour is daily from 4-6pm, so if you like tequila, head on over to Bonez!

Image retrieved from the Bonez website

How to Get to Crested Butte