With this Internship, a student would enroll in MKT 487 (internship course) and would earn 3 hours of marketing elective credit.   The student would have to work a total of 150 hours for the company over the semester and I could waive the late registration fee for the course.

Role: Marketing Strategy Intern (will include digital and social media strategies as a subset of the overarching Marketing Strategy that is needed)

Timeframe needed: ASAP – if possible for this winter break

Length: open/ended – or for the Semester – open to discussing with the intern

Location: Virtual (I’m in Denver but it’s fine if theyre in Fort Collins and/or would be great to occasionally meetup)

 Compensation: To discuss with intern a finder’s fee on all business generated (so when I pick up clients and there’s an initial billing and payment, intern would receive finder’s fee – this could be lucrative; willing to discuss with intern.

 Value to intern: will be devising and developing ‘entire’ marketing strategy – crucial element for this firm getting off the ground; I’ll be there side/side with intern to help them with anything they may need and help in the process if needed

 How to contact me: cell 303 570 3801, or my email tracyadecicco@gmail.com

 Qualifications: Seeking upper division Marketing Major, ideally or Marketing graduate student.

 Goals and Objective – please see job description below, we can, together, come up with what the specific deliverables are that comprise the strategy and the timelines we feel should be associated with such tasks.

 Supervisor: will be myself – in my case, 20 years extensive sales executive/strategy background; so hopefully a win / win for both of us.

 Application process: please have student contact me directly – we’ll have conversation and see if it’s right fit for both of us. They can contact me directly with/at the contact info provided here.

Job Description:

Konposit is new firm – see below. I’m a sales executive. I have directed marketing campaigns over the years but worked with marketers to get this done. I’m not a marketer – need help developing and devising marketing strategy, e.g., Who is Konposit, What is Konposit, Why Konposit – What is the Brand reason for being and Story. Who to take to market to? Why? Where? Also, help with the Social Media Strategy that supports the Brand Story and any other digital elements, along with possible help executing the marketing strategy and plan. Have never taken a marketing strategy full circle/cycle, so will need help and support to pull together a comprehensive plan. May need/decide to form a Blog (or blog content pieces) or Facebook (or Quora etc) page and execution, and may need content help too – to discuss with intern. See attachments below. Website not built yet as need the Brand Story first. Totally open to my helping Intern too – e.g., ‘career’ type mentoring or anything else they may need, I’m especially very well connected in the high technology communities.

My background: SMU Executive MBA Alumni, 2004, undergraduate in Colorado (CSU) – liberal arts, BA.

 20 years experience as a sales client principal and sales executive; most of those years at IBM. Work with CEOs and COOs of very large primarily retail and consumer firms, e.g., Neiman Marcus etc. – match IBM capabilities with client’s critical business needs and develop and devise financial and sales strategies to win business.

Left IBM and CSC in last year or so. Formed Startup, called Konposit, LLC

Konposit BIO attached here. Konposit seeks to help and aid small firms and funded startups with sales strategy and execution (including business development and new alliances and markets, etc.). Startups especially usually are in dire need of sales help and support (oftentimes with startups the founders do the coding and development and lack the skills around the crucial selling aspect).

Konposit logo is complete (see twitter link here); I have all the extensive graphics logo files; website not done yet as was still working on fine tuning what konposit would look like. See following links, including Konposit linkedin Link here – recently published short form piece: “Customer, Customer, Customer”. As an aside, published academically with Professors and Chairs in the Graduate Business School – Cox at SMU and recently published multiple papers with a PhD on the topics of Blockchain and the Next Generation of Advertising. Look forward to connecting with you!  Please see following links..

https://twitter.com/konposit (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.
https://www.linkedin.com/in/tracydecicco/ (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.
https://www.linkedin.com/company/konposit-llc/ (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.

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