Okay Rams… You asked for it, and we listened. 

We have spent this entire semester doing a complete re-haul and re-branding of the CSU Marketing Association. Our goal throughout this process was to create the foundations to be the biggest and the best organization on campus.

And more importantly… we wanted the Marketing Association to be something that students would look back on and honestly say had a positive impact on their time at CSU and getting started with their careers.

Our relaunch was done with you in mind and has focused on three main objectives.

To achieve each of these objectives we have created a plethora of workshops, events, job talks, networking functions, and socials.


For networking, we are going to continue to bring in local businesses to talk each week or every other week.

We are also putting together a business outreach committee that will be dedicated to getting marketing association members out to local companies to visit. In the past we have done meetings and tours at OtterBox and New Belgium and we plan to expand that to additional businesses.


We are also going to take it a step further and find local experts to come in and teach CSU students skills that they can put on their resume.

For example, we are currently in the process of setting up some workshops that will teach students PhotoShop, Video Editing, Sound editing and Podcasting. We are organizing a day or two next semester for a professional photographer to take original professional photos for students’ LinkedIn profiles. We are also setting up some workshops that will teach CSU students to design higher end resumes that will stick out to potential employers.

We have also created about 10 committees that marketing association members can join. Details about these committees can be seen on our website here.

Each of these committees is going to teach members a new skill. Do you need some event planning experience to put on your resume? Then join the event planning committee which we will task with putting on two or three major events each year. 

Want to learn social media? Then join our social media team and learn how to curate original content and graphics for social media and learn social media strategy for different platforms.

You can join whatever committee you want and you don’t need previous experience for any committee.

Social Element

We have also put together a couple social committees. Members of these committees are going to be planning monthly socials as well as some bigger travel events each semester.

We are also trying to set up the largest tailgate section on campus for next year. Students don’t really know where to go at the new stadium to tailgate and we want our tailgate to be the one that everyone knows and talks about.


In order for this to be successful, we are going to need the help of many students. One of our problems in the past has been communicating with marketing association students about when all of our events were occurring.

To be more efficient we have revamped all of our communications. The first thing we have revamped is our website. The website now clearly communicates everything the marketing association does and it also has a calendar of events that we will be keeping updated.

We have set up a comprehensive social media strategy as well. We have come up with a plan to share a lot of interesting and engaging content to go along with our association updates.

The best way to keep up with all the happenings of the CSU marketing association is to like our Facebook Page.

To provide a little extra incentive for you to like our page, we are doing a Facebook contest. Simply like our page to find and enter our contest.  We will be giving away an OtterBox cooler at the final football game of the season. We also have about 10 gift certificates from 5 local restaurants that are sponsors of the Marketing Association.

So, like our page and come to our next couple of events. We have a big networking event in Fort Collins on the 8th and we are having an informational meeting and getting committees set up on the 15th.

We will see you RAMS at our next event!