Where to Get Your Gear: The Sickest Shops in FoCo and the Chillest Online Websites

 The Best Local Mountain Biking Shops

Fort Collins Bike CO-OP


One of the best mountain bike shops in Fort Collins.  Prices for standard services Great store to find cheap bike parts. Prices vary for miscellaneous parts around the shop

Tune ups range from $35-$100.

While there are no demos available, there is a staff that will help you build and service your own bike.  They are a non-profit community driven organisation striving to provide bikes for everyone.


Google Maps Bike Co-op

Phone: 970-484-3804

Address: 1501 N College Ave

Fort Collins, CO 80524

What’s the Draw?

Cheap services!!

Can volunteer to pay off bike services through their Earn-A-Bike Program.

Non-profit community driven organization.

Staffed by volunteers who are willing to help everyone.

Road 34 Bike Shop

Road 34 Bike Shop
Photo Courtesy of Road 34


Address: 1213 W Elizabeth St, Fort Collins, CO 80521

Phone: 970-491-9934


What goes together better than peas and carrots? That’s right booze and biking. Road 34 is a local Fort Collins bike shop that also gets bragging rights for being the first biking bar. This bike shop offers a variety of services ranging from bike tunes, suspension services, dropper services, and a myriad of a la carte services. Road 34 bike shop offers just what you need for your mountain biking needs all at a reasonable price.  

Bike tunes range from $35-$100, suspension services range from $40-$90, and a la carte services start at around $10.  

What’s the Draw?

Road 34 Bar
Photo courtesy of Road 34

It’s a known fact that the one thing mountain bikers love more than their mountain bike is the booze they drink with their bros after a gnarly shred. Road 34 not only offers high quality bike services, but a bar that is stocked with some of the best beer in Fort Collins, and if beer isn’t your first choice you can always enjoy one of their famous pickle shots.

Road 34 offers a unique atmosphere complete with a large selection of seating, both inside and outside, pool tables, and a vintage Volkswagen Bus. The other half of their location is the bike shop, which has a variety of mountain bikes, and essential biking equipment. Road 34 also offers a variety of sandwiches and appetizers at a reasonable price. If you’re looking for quality service, friendly staff, great beer, and a great atmosphere look no further than Road 34.

Lee’s Cyclery Location

Address: 202 W Laurel St, Fort Collins, CO 80521

Phone: 970-482-6006


Lee’s Cyclery is a full-service bike shop with a large focus on retail. There are a range of bike tuning options, from the basic tune at $100 to the Peak Performance tune for $200. Lee’s also offers proper bike fitting services to help you find the best fitting steed for all your shredding needs. Best of all, bike sizing services are free of charge when you purchase a new bike. Just want your old bike properly fitted to your awkward body? No problem, just cough up $200 for the Body Geometry fitting service! This thorough fitment includes an interview, physical assessment, ride analysis, fitting, and follow-up. Of course, Lee’s also offers a huge selection of different bikes and accessories including road bikes, mountain bikes (heck yeah), hybrid/fitness bikes, and even E-bikes.

What’s the draw?

You know what they say about real estate… Location, location, location. Lee’s Cyclery is conveniently located on the corner of Mason and Laurel, just across the street from the Colorado State University campus. Lee’s prides themselves on their amount of inventory of bikes and accessories, as well as their high level of customer service, including warranties and mechanical skills. It’s no wonder that Lee’s Cyclery was rated one of “America’s Best Bike Shops” from 2013-2017!

ProVelo Bicycles

Photo courtesy of proVelo


4612 S Mason St, Suite 110, Fort Collins, CO 80525

Phone: 970-204-9935

Google Map Direction to proVelo


Photo courtesy of proVelo

Mountain Bike Tune Ups

ProVelo offers up ranges of services. Their tunes-up service range in prices starting at $80 for a basic tune up and increasing in prices to $100 and $180 with increasing services to the bike.

Mountain Bike Fittings

ProVelo can also help customers to find and properly fit them for their bike. ProVelo is the exclusive fitters for Retul fitting system, utilizing the most comprehensive technology available today to ensure fitting is done properly.

Mountain Bike Demo and Rentals

ProVelo offers Demo and Rental services. This is great for people that are traveling into Fort Collins and want to do some mountain bike riding. If you’re in the market for a new bike the demo service is a great way to test out new bikes before fulling committing to a new bike. At ProVelo customers can demo bike from Santa Cruz Bicycles, Yeti, Ibis, Giant, and LIV. Carbon Bikes are $125 for 24 hours and Aluminum Bikes are $75 for 24 hours. There are discounts for multiple demos or rental days and a large portion of the demo dollars can be applied to the purchase of a bike from ProVelo Bicycles.

Whats the Draw?

The one thing that ProVelo does extremely well no matter the customers mountain biking knowledge or experience they can tailor their customer service to them. All services are done quickly with high a level of quality. ProVelo offers great bike brands with a large selection ranging in size and set-ups. They also offer demo deals on these great bike brands that help to take the price points down and make sure the customer is 100% satisfied with their bike.

The Best Mountain Bike Websites


Backcountry homepage
Photo courtesy of Backcountry.com

What Products Do They Offer?

If you’re an outdoor fanatic, whether that’s skiing or mountain biking Backcountry.com is your one stop destination for all outdoor gear. They have a wide selection of hard mountain bike components, like frames, wheels, etc. They also carry a wide selection of fully built mountain bikes. Along with this they have a wide selection of clothing, packs, and helmets for men, women, and children.

Backcountry Mountain Bikes
Photo courtesy of Backcountry.com


The Backcountry website is very easy to navigate, with a mix of drop down menus and filter menus making finding your mountain biking need even easier. While visiting the site you will also be greeted by a customer service chat menu, allowing you to communicate with an expert making your search even easier. As an added bonus they almost always have free two day shipping on orders over $50, and offer a variety of coupons for those who create a free account.

Backcountry Gearhead
Photo courtesy of Backcountry.com

Best Part

Backcountry does so many things right, but their selection is what really sets them apart. They have almost anything you can think of when it comes to the outdoors. Their mountain biking selection is just a small part of what they have. Their selection ranges from skiing, snowboarding, camping, hiking, climbing, mountain biking, road biking,   and fishing. Their selection is incredible and their service is well above par. As an added bonus they have an outlet store steepandcheap, which offers discounted and closeout products from the backcountry store. If you’re looking for a great online store for all your outdoor needs Backcountry.com has all you would ever want, and probably some that you didn’t think you needed.



What Products Do They Offer?

EVO offers a wide range of products for outdoor activities.  In the store they offer products for whichever season is the most relevant.  Their website offers gear year round. They specialize with clothing and non-technical gear.  If you’re looking to look stylish on the trails, EVO.com is the place for you!


Evo Bike Section
Photo courtesy of Evo

EVO.com is easy to navigate from activity to activity.  You are also able to refine your search on the left side of the page to narrow your results.  If you are looking for a certain brand, they are listed on the right side of the page. Everything is clear and you are able to find your gear quickly.

Best Part

EVO is community driven, and they organize community events such as open houses.  They also hire local artists to decorate their interior and exterior.



What Products Do They Offer?

Pink Bike provides visitors with the latest in cycling and mountain biking news, freeride videos, photos, events and more. The websites allow users to buy and sell all types of bikes, frames and components. Its known as the Craigslist’s of bike selling and buying. The Forum sections lets users talk about all things biking. From All Mountain/Enduro, Down Hill, Cross Country, Dirt Jumps Street, Park Bikes. This area of the website is a great area to ask question and gain knowledge about all things biking. PinkBike includes TrailForks linked at the top where visitors can explore maps of trail near them and all across the country.


PinkBike.com is an easy to navigate site with tabs located on the top of the page to direct visitors to the area of the site they are looking for. Each tab gives on overview to the visitor for all the subsections to help them find what they are looking for. This helps to separate the wide variety of different types of mountain bikes. With the buy/sell section users can refine their searches to specif areas and exact bike parts they want.

Best Part

The best part about PinkBike is the ability to buy/sell bikes and bike parts. This service lets users find bikes near them at a reasonable price compared to going to a bike shops and paying  the new bike price. Users can also find specific parts they need for their bike. If a users has a question about their bike or mountain biking in general the forum section allows users to ask question and gain knowledge. This allows users not to have rely as heavily on bike shops for their bike questions and bike services.