As part of our Re-branding effort for the Marketing Association you will now have the opportunity to be part of one of many committees.  These committees were designed to make the Marketing Association more fun and to give students the opportunity to get real world experience.  Check out some of the committees below and stay tuned for more information on how to be part of one. 

SOCIAL MEDIA COMMITTEE: Our social media is going to be a big part of the marketing association from now on. Instead of focusing 100% on business we are making our social media 80% relevant and fun and about 20% business. We need a team of three to five students who can research and put together original written and image based content.  Participants will be trained to put together original content and will be taught an easy graphic design program.  This is a great opportunity to get some real world experience and some nice examples for your resume. 

CAMPUS EVENTS COMMITTEE: This is going to be a great opportunity for any students who want to learn about event planning and how to throw events. We want to have three major events that the Marketing Association puts on each year.  We have no events planned yet but we are thinking something along the lines of a “Taste of CSU” event, a major Halloween event, and something in the Spring. Have a great idea for this? Then join this committee!

GRAPHIC DESIGN: We need 1 or 2 graphic designers to help us put some flyers together. We will have some very cool stuff for you to do for us that will look great in your resume. Experience with design programs such as Photoshop or In-design needed.

FINANCE COMMITTEE: There is a ton of money available for organizations at CSU and the only thing that is stopping us from using it for some awesome events, is asking for it.  This committee will work with the Marketing Association Finance Director to seek out and acquire funds for various events. You will work hand in hand with the other committees to help them come up with some money. 

SOCIAL EVENTS COMMITTEE: We have a bunch of social events that we want to throw and we need some members to help us organize all these events. We are going to be doing at least one social event per month and need some help planning those.  We will also have multiple sub-committees where different students can help plan different events. One committee will be the tailgate committee and we want that committee to create the largest on-campus tailgate party for students. We also want to do something big for the Spring semester and are looking for ideas for that.

Local Business Outreach:  This is going to be a great way to network with local businesses.  We need a few students to do some outreach with local business and see if they want to give a talk to students, do a workshop for students, give a guest lecture for students, get some help from students for their business, or just be associated with us somehow. You will need to maintain a database of all contacts and help to schedule businesses that do get involved.  You will also be responsible for sending a follow up thank you correspondence. You will be the main contact between many different Fort Collins businesses and the marketing association so you must have good communications skills.

Fundraising Committee: We have a few ideas about fundraising. We aren’t talking about the small one where we do a ton of work and outreach and make $120.  We want you think big. One of our ideas includes helping small businesses with their marketing efforts. Students would be taught some basics that they can do to help improve the web presence of local businesses.  Then local businesses would come to CSU and the students (Supervised by the digital marketing professor) would make all the improvements to the businesses website for a fee. Something along those lines.