With spring break coming to a close and our sun burns finally fading we have some great opportunities to have some fun at CSU!

1) CSU Writes Guest Speaker: John Calderazzo on Forward-Facing Scholarship –“Blogging for Fun & Profit”

John Calderazzo will be orchestrating a energetic workshop on blogging techniques and etiquette. His goal is to explain the best practices so your blog is read and understood by all audiences. Known on campus as a top tier professor, you won’t want to miss this one.

Here’s the deets:

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Image by Arizona State University

2) Eco-Spirituality Workshop

You hear that? Birds Chirping. The river rushing by… The mountains are calling. Come attend this amazing eco-spirituality workshop where you can deepen your connection with the natural world. In this class you will not only engage with the new found Earth each week, but you will also have a half day retreat to the mountains on Saturday April 7th from 1-5 PM.

Here’s the deets:

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Image by Good Free Photos

3) Family Fun Night

Ram Events, El Centro, Adult Learner and Veteran Services and the Asian Pacific American Cultural Center are putting on a night of fun and games for families in the CSU community! Join in an evening of family fun and find out more about all the good these offices do for the CSU community!

Here’s the deets:

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Image by Max Pixel

4) Classical Convergence, Borromeo String Quartet

The Borromeo String Quartet is joined by Organ Professor Dr. Joel Bacon for an extraordinary concert celebrating the 50th anniversary of Colorado State University’s renowned Casavant Organ.

The visionary performances of the Borromeo String Quartet have established itself as one of the most important string quartets of our time. The Chicago Tribune calls the Borromeo “a remarkably accomplished string quartet, not simply for its high technical polish and refined tone, but more importantly for the searching musical insights it brings.”

Here’s the Deets:

Get your tickets at https://csuartstickets.universitytickets.com/w/default.aspx  or call (970) 221-6730

For more information visit:


Image by the Music Department at Colorado State University